About the Author

After a year of prayer and hard work, I am ready to release my first book for the Christian market in over 20 years. God Called – He Needs Your Decision will be available on Kindle in early May. Print and audio editions will follow within several weeks, and will e available on Amazon.com among many outlets. The book is a very personal look at how one can move from being a convert to be a true disciple of Jesus.

Professional Background

Just after graduating from UCLA Law, I decided my greatest love was marketing. And I immediately saw the potential benefit of sharing “content” with others in order to establish myself as an expert. Decades later CONTENT is KING! Social Media Marketing Requires Content!

Since then I have written countess articles for trade magazines, spoken to packed rooms, and written 8 published books on business, including social media marketing.

My passion is helping small businesses grow and prosper. Your door will swing and your phone will ring as our marketing efforts increase your traffic, sales, and profits. Hundreds of businesses have used our services and sing our praises.

They especially love that we handle up to 100% of their social media needs including all content creation.

Our experience includes working with the following types of clients

♦ Small Business Owners (e.g. bike shops, personal trainers, bakeries)
♦ Professionals (e.g. lawyers, mortgage brokers, contractors)
♦ Entrepreneurs (e.g. importers, distributors, light manufacturers)

Our clients have grown in sales and profits during the worst recession in generations. We have consistently provided high visibility online and helped our clients in every aspect of traditional marketing.