Disciplines of a Christian walk

5.0 out of 5 stars
Disciplines of a Christian walk, April 28, 2014
By K Payne (Ontario, Canada)
This review is from: God Called – He Needs Your Decision! (Kindle Edition)
The premise of this book is that as we grow closer to God, we will be more likely to hear and respond to His calling, and will be more prepared to do what God asks us to do.

Randy outlines a path of decisions to help take the steps necessary to answer God’s call. He takes a look at foundational disciplines of a Christian walk and gives us a sampling of the many ways God communicates His guidance and directions to us.

I was inspired by the examples of great Christian disciples who followed God’s call and created programs like Campus Crusade for Christ, Prison Fellowship, and Focus on the Family, along with Randy’s own adventure with his book, Sex Kills.

I felt both convicted and motivated to surrender everything and answer God’s call by saying, “Send me!”

I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

If you like your books short and sweet

4.0 out of 5 stars
If you like your books short and sweet, April 27, 2014
By Lelia Rose Foreman “Lelia Rose Foreman” (now Vancouver, WA USA)
This review is from: God Called – He Needs Your Decision! (Kindle Edition)
Randy Kirk will say in two paragraphs what other people need books to say. He said we need to praise God. That’s true. I prefer how Anne Voskamp said the same thing in 1,000 Gifts.While I could not speak to his chapter about fasting as I have not fasted for decades now (health reasons), I thought he was good at pointing out necessary disciplines for the Christian. In contrast to his direct style of writing, I prefer works with nuance, supposals, poetry and thinking out loud sorts of writing. To that, I can almost hear in my head a big So What? You like steak, I like goat cheese, we both get protein. Most people do not have the time I have nor the speed I have to read. I can read massive tomes with nuance and alternatives. Most busy people cannot. If you prefer your books to be fairly short and filled with short, declarative sentences, this is your book. He is good at referencing other people’s longer books about topics you might want to spend more time on. Every time I got worried that he was saying something that might be a little harmful, further reading corrected my initial impressions. If you feel like you need some exhortation or teaching in what the Christian life entails, this book may be helpful for you.

Thought Provoking Look at Myself and My Relationship with Jesus

5.0 out of 5 stars
Thought Provoking Look at Myself and My Relationship with Jesus,
April 27, 2014
This review is from: God Called – He Needs Your Decision! (Kindle Edition)
Randy Kirk, in about 100 pages in his book God Called – He Needs Your Decision, has activated my thinking and made me search my soul. His questions made me wrestle with the question of whether I could truly follow Jesus. From the passage Matthew 28:16-20, where Jesus asks us to obey, hate our relatives (by comparison to our relationship with Jesus), carry His cross and give up everything – Randy starts dissecting my relationship with Christ. His stories on his own interaction with God – whether he heard and obeyed or heard and did not obey show me I am not alone in my struggle with a relationship with God.

I want to reread this book, make more notes, and journal my thoughts. I look forward to Randy’s intention to make a discipling program from his book. In the meantime I plan to: get intentional in my walk; not just talk to God but listen to Him; and start reading and listening to Charles Spurgeon. Great book.

Am I Satisfied Being a Luke-Warm Christian or Do I Long For More?

5.0 out of 5 stars
Am I Satisfied Being a Luke-Warm Christian or Do I Long For More?,
April 27, 2014
By Lorilyn Roberts “writing to inspire” (Gainesville, Florida)
This review is from: God Called – He Needs Your Decision! (Kindle Edition)
I read this book and hope every Christian who wants to be a true follower of Jesus Christ does the same. I was convicted of the need to change some things in my life, encouraged that I could, and now long more than ever for greater intimacy with God.

I might add, “God Called” may make you feel uncomfortable. I perceived that to be the Holy Spirit showing me areas of my life where I could glorify Him more, but I also felt mercy. Whatever God calls us to do, He gifts us to do. For me, this book was a blend of exhortation and grace. I felt encouraged. If God really did call me on the phone, what would my response be?

Great questions demand great introspection. I will be thinking about this book as I tackle upcoming opportunities to serve God on the mission field.

Challenging you to step out of your comfort zone is really what this book is about, and becoming a true follower who makes a difference in the lives of others.