A Must-Read For Those Who Desire A Deeper Walk

5.0 out of 5 stars
A Must-Read For Those Who Desire A Deeper Walk, May 5, 2014
By Michael J. Webb (Charlotte, NC)
This review is from: God Called – He Needs Your Decision! (Kindle Edition)
If you are hungry for something more than a mere religious involvement with Christ, this book is for you. Kirk has done an excellent job of identifying those areas of the Christian walk where we slip into mediocrity and offers practical and Biblically-based solutions for transforming our walk into something special. Sadly, many Believers today have a comfortable and passive agreement with the Lord: I’ll give you an hour of my time on Sunday–You take care of the rest. Unfortunately, the concept of becoming “salt” in the Earth has, for a large majority of Christians, lost its appeal–it takes too much work and often results in conflict with those around them, even other Christians. An intimate relationship with Holy Spirit is essential if we are going to effect change in our own lives, not to mention the lives of those around us. A wise mentor once said, “Most Christians seek the “hand” of God, few truly seek His face. If you cry out to God, as Moses did, “Show me your face!,” and truly desire to move beyond a lukewarm relationship with the Lord, this book is a good starting place.