I read a book. Not just any book. I consumed “God Called – He Needs Your Decision.”

I had the honor and privilege of being able to read “God Called” before its release date.  To say the least, it was inspiring !  I hear so many people talk about being able to hear God.  I know that I have what I call a “heartswell” when I feel there is something He wants me to do.  “God Called” put it all into perspective for me and enabled me to look at my own life and see areas where I am lacking in answering His call.  I’ve read a lot of  inspirational books and often feel by the end of the chapter, that I’m not really sure I understood the message.  I go back and read it again and still sometimes feel that I’m missing something.  Randy’s verbiage is so clear, that when you read “God Called,” you will not only get the message, you will feel inspired and excited.  I read it the first time, all the way through, without stopping.  It’s almost like a really good mystery, where you just can’t put it down.  The second time I read it, I had a pad of paper, a pen, my Bible and a highlighter.  Now I am going step by step through the book.  Iam reading more and understanding more of God’s word than I ever have before.  My heart is completely open to God’s voice.

I highly recommend everyone to read “God Called.”  If you’re lost, you will be found.  If you are a new Christian, you will answer that call, if you are grounded in your faith, you will be renewed.